To the students, College is their world, life and dreams. It is the place where they learn to live and grow as individuals, ready to take on the challenges of the future. The Admission process is often considered to be bewildering and complicated. High School seniors, fresh out of school, are often caught at the crossroads, faced with the challenges of navigating the admission process which often confounds them, unless systems are in place to help them make a smooth transition to college. At Delhi Teacher Training College, every effort is made to make this process smooth and expeditious with the Admission Cell to help in the selection and admission process. Our dedicated team of Qualified Counselors and Counseling Staff play a pivotal role in guiding students to choose the correct program and are available at the Delhi Teacher Training College campus to address any admission related query, since it concerns the ‘course’ of their life and careers. The Admission Cell tries to transform the tedious process of admission into a pleasurable experience. The Counselors in the Admission Cell are geared towards helping students and their parents in applying for admission in the course that best suits the student’s interest, aptitude and goals. The counseling services are in fact tailored to meet the needs and dreams of each student and give them a sense of purpose and clarity. The Admissions Facilitation Centre also organizes campus tours to acquaint the parents & prospective students with the facilities offered at Mind Power Teacher Training College. Various faculty members are also available to guide and explain the highlights to the visitors.

The support provided by the Centre to the students continues “Post admission Phase”. The centre is available for support throughout the campus life of a student. Come, see for yourself & join Delhi Teacher Training College to embark upon your chosen career! Salient features of Delhi Teacher Training College Admission Policy: The University Admissions is a multi-stage process involving the filling up of the admission form, entrance exam, creation of merit list, displaying of results on website, physical counseling before culminating in the final Admission to the institution of choice.

1. It is transparent. Admissions are made on merit and management basis.
2. The Admission Committee exercises fair discretion based upon the academic performance in qualifying examination available at the time of admission, subject to the condition that the candidate fulfils the eligibility criteria. It is sole responsibility of the candidate to meet the minimum eligibility criteria for admission by the cutoff date mentioned and no relaxation in minimum eligibility criteria is granted.
3. As per guidelines of Regulatory Bodies, original certificates are not retained in Delhi Teacher Training College and the same are returned to the candidates on the spot after verification.
4. Delhi Teacher Training College encourages cashless admissions. Fee deposit is generally through Bank Transfer, D.D, PayTm.